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Strings are an important part of a badminton racket and make a lot of difference to the game. The majority of the high-end racquets do not come with a string and leave the choice with the players to choose their desired string and tension. A good string with an appropriate setup should offer a good feel, excellent resilience, exceptional control, and less shock and of course exceptional durability. 

Generally, there is a string tension that is been recommended on every racket. There are different range of strings such as 17-22, 22-24, etc. Such recommendations are mandatory to ensure that the racket does not break while stringing. It is generally recommended that you do not do the stringing out of the recommended tension and never to do the stringing at one’s discretion. 

Using too much tension at a string will impart excessive force to generate power and can result in injury to the shoulders. In an attempt to help you play the game exceptionally well, we have given here the best Badminton strings, along with a buying guide to help you play the game exceptionally well.

Best Badminton Strings 2021

Best Badminton StringsImpact FeelingPrice
#1. Yonex Titanium BG-65 Badminton StringHard FeelingCheck Price Here
#2. Yonex BG 80 Badminton StringHard FeelingCheck Price Here
#3. Yonex Nanogy BG 98 Badminton StringMedium FeelingCheck Price Here
#4. Yonex Soft BG 65 Badminton StringSoft FeelingCheck Price Here
#5. Yonex Nanogy 95 Badminton StringMedium FeelingCheck Price Here

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Top 5 Best Badminton String Reviews 2021

#1. Yonex Titanium BG-65 Badminton String

Check Price

This is a good, authentic and all-round string that can adjust to higher string tension, depending on the proficiency level of the player. This string comprises a compound titanium hybrid coating that helps with a sharp and comfortable feel at impact. These strings are for hard hitters and professional players.

The Yonex multi-filament features a super-fine diameter for excellent durability and a soft feel upon impact. The compound titanium hydride coating of these strings not only renders a sharp feel upon impact but also enhances the durability of this badminton string.


  • Comprises of a super-fine diameter for exceptional durability and a soft feel on impact.
  • Exceptional all-round string for professional gameplay.


  • The durability of these strings is a matter of question.

#2. Yonex BG 80 Badminton String

Check Price

The Yonex BG 80 is suitable for advanced badminton players that renders a higher rate of repulsion while hitting the sweet spot. This badminton racquet is known for its accuracy and durability as it is thicker compared with the BG 66 strings. These string are known for rendering a more concentrated sweet spot for the players.

The BG 80 string is for professional players who are well versed in their racquets. Being a thick string, it offers more power into the shots. And it helps players in rendering a lot of accurate shots compared with thinner strings that are available in the market. If you want to power your game with powerful shots from the back of the court, then this is the ideal string for you. 


  • It helps with powerful shots with a better sweet spot.
  • Extremely durable and cost-effective badminton strings


  • Being thick strings, they are not good for slicing
  • These strings can be difficult to use by amateur players

#3. Yonex Nanogy BG 98 Badminton String

Check Price

This multifilament string is about 0.66 mm thick with excellent repulsion power. Its length is about 10 meters and offers a sharp feeling at every single shot, thanks to its 0.66-gauge thickness. With this string, you can be sure of excellent repulsion with clear and defensive shots. You can benefit from a clear sound this string makes with every hit and smash you make.

Along with excellent repulsion, these strings also offer great control. You will get the smashes and serves perfectly with this badminton string but players may have to render additional strength in the swings to achieve better results. 


  • Offers great repulsion for clear and defensive shots
  • It offers great control for the game and is thus adapted by professional gamers.


  • Players are not happy with the tension loss of these strings.

#4. Yonex Soft BG 65 Badminton String

Check Price

The Yonex BG 65 strings offer the best durability as it is originally a multifilament string. Its thickness is about 0.70 mm at 22 gauges. The length of these strings is about 33 feet or 10 meters. The BG 65 is known for its soft feeling and is an excellent string for all types of rackets. Its best feature is its super-fine diameter which helps it with excellent durability and a soft feel upon every single impact.

These strings are known for their durability and is been trusted by professional badminton players all over the world. Players trust these strings for the quality it adds to the overall gameplay. Its stretching and tension are perfect for advanced and intermediate level players.


  • Produces more accurate shots and is extremely durable.
  • Helps players who indulge in technical and control shots. Perfect for precision play.


  • It can be pretty difficult to generate power with the Bg-65 string
  • Not a good string for beginners.

#5. Yonex Nanogy 95 Badminton String

Check Price

The Yonex Nanogy 95 badminton strings comprise a compound cup-stack nanotube, that helps in rendering excellent repulsion power for the players. This is an ideal string for players looking for a perfect combination of speed and durability. The strings are about 0.69 mm in diameter and 22 Gauge thickness. The length of these strings is about 33 feet or 10 m. 

The Yonex Nanogy is manufactured from the latest and new technology and its advanced construction keeps notching of the strings minimal at intersections. This is thus excellent for rendering higher repulsion power and enhances the durability of the string as well. As these strings are made up of multi-filament, they feature a super-fine diameter and thus render a soft feel upon impact.


  • This multi-filament string features a super-fine diameter that offers a soft feel and excellent durability.
  • One of the best strings in terms of repulsion, durability, and hitting sound.


  • The strings offer a medium feeling upon touch and are not very soft at the hand.

Important Facts to Ascertain While Choosing the Badminton Strings

  • Choosing the best badminton strings helps in enhancing the sweet spot on the string bed. This helps in rendering the maximum power and speed for the shots.
  • When the tension on the string decreases, the sweet spot on the string bed also increases, lowering tensions. Such a sting is ideal for casual players and amateurs.
  • Thicker strings are generally more durable than thinner ones and are thus less likely to break.
  • Playing with different types of shuttles can diminish the performance of the string.
  • One has to choose their badminton string and tension depending on their game style and their technique.
  • For efficient gameplay, it is important to choose the best string tension and the best string.

Choosing the Best String for Your Game

There are hundredths of strings available for badminton shuttles, that players can choose. As a general rule, thinner strings render more repulsion and a bright sound but are less durable. On the other hand, thicker strings are known for their durability. If you are playing with plastic shuttles, then you should choose thicker strings. Look for the following features in your badminton string to help yourself with efficient gameplay.

1. Durability:

If you are someone who is known to break strings regularly, you should choose a string that is thicker than the average. Choose a strong with a higher gauge for additional durability. Strings from Yonex and Yonex Nanogy are great for beginners and intermediate players.

2. Repulsion:

Badminton strings that are slightly less thick than 0.7 mm render an excellent blend of control and durability. Stings from Yonex Nanogy helps in rendering excellent repulsion and control while taking up defensive shots in the court.

3. Control:

If you want to play controlled shots, then you should choose thinner racket strings. They help in getting shots such as hairpins and cut smashes pretty much easier to play. but ultra-thin strings are prone to frequent breaking. Therefore, choose a hybrid string with a combination of 0.61 mm thickness and 0.67 mm thickness for better repulsion power, better control, higher durability, and a classic pop sound. 

Fixing the Ideal String Tension for the Badminton Racket

The common myth is that string tension of the badminton racket should be as high as possible. But players should check the recommended tension level that is available on the racquet and this will give them an idea about the ideal stringing on the racket. The ideal string tension depends on the comfort and skill levels of the player. Amateur players should lower the string tension to enhance the sweet spot and to increase flexibility. 

Advanced players on the other hand should choose a string of higher tension as it offers higher control and a better hitting feel. Advanced and professional badminton players should use a racquet with higher tension to control their shots better.

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Final Words

Buying a high-end badminton racket doesn’t help in improving the game, but a quality badminton string ensures a consistent shot every time. Consider our recommendations and the buying guide the next time you choose to buy strings for your badminton racquet.



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