5 Best Badminton Stringing Machines (UPDATED 2021)


For those who wish to become a stringing expert, or have too many racquets to string, then the stringing machine is an ideal choice. Some people feel that the stringing machine seems to be a bigger investment, but in the long run, it will yield sure benefits. Here are some of the best badminton stringing machines, to help you cater to the racquet stringing requirements by self.

List of Best Badminton Stringing Machines

Top 5 Badminton Stringing MachinesEditor ScorePrice
#1. Gamma X-Stringer Racquet Stringing Machines9.4/10Check Price Here
#2. Tourna 300-CS Crank Stringing Machine9.4/10Check Price Here
#3. Gamma Progression Racquet Stringing Machine9.2/10Check Price Here
#4. Tourna 600-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine9/10Check Price Here
#5. Gamma Progression II 602 Machine9.1/10Check Price Here

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Top 5 Best Badminton Stringing Machine Reviews

#1. Gamma X-Stringer Racquet Stringing Machines

This is an excellent tabletop racket stringing machine that comes with all tools and accessories for badminton racquet stringing. The stringing machine renders a firm hold with two composite floating clamps and a two-point mounting system that helps to keep the racquets securely in place. The best advantage of this machine is the ability to fix its custom string tension that lies within the range of 9-90 pounds. The machine is also turnable up to 360 degrees. 

The durable design of this stringing machine comes from its aluminum extrusion base and its diamond coated rotational ratchet gripper. The toolset of this badminton stringing machine features a straight awl, a pathfinder awl, hex wrenches, and a straight plier with a cutter. The Gamma X2 string machines are easy to operate and backed with a limited lifetime warranty. 

The Gamma Sports X-stringer stringing machine allows players to restring their racquet with utmost precision. It is constructed with the help of a two-point racquet mounting system or a 6-point quick-mount system. There are V mounts on the stringer that keeps the racquet in its place firmly, while the stringing is been carried out. With the help of this stringing machine, it is possible to string racquetball, tennis, squash, and even badminton racquets, pretty easier and quicker than ever before.

With the help of the Gamma X-stringer racquet stringer, it is possible to get the string tension that is perfect for one’s needs. The drop weight tensioning mechanism of the machine is capable of accommodating the string strength of up to 90 pounds. Its nickel chrome plated steel rotates up to 360 degrees for great ease of use.


  • The X-stringer features a lightweight aluminum extrusion base that features a durable anodized finish.
  • The rotating ratchet gripper has a diamond dust coating for reliable grip and additional durability.
  • Backed with 5-year limited warranty and 1-year warranty on string gripping components.


  • The posts are uneven and lacks support.

#2. Tourna 300-CS Crank Stringing Machine

The Tourna CS crank stringing machine is extremely easy to use and is crafted with some premium components. The machine is made by stringers and is built for stringers and renders exceptional value for the stringers. This is an ideal machine for those who wish to string many racquets every week. All the Tourna machines have smooth bases and are pretty easy to use. They have a six-point mount and an ergonomic 360 rotating bases. The machine is crafted with premium components and renders the feeling like solid well-built machines.

This stringing machine is necessarily a constant pull machine that features an advanced microprocessor technology and extremely sensitive electronic tensioners. The machine is meant for professional and precise level string jobs, with an accuracy of about one pound. The Tourna 300-CS is an expert crank stringing machine for tennis, squash, racquetball, and badminton racquets. The tension is applied by this machine with the help of a manual crank. Its spring-loaded tension winders allow the worker to know if they have attained the desired tension.

Being a reliable and durable machine, it will last for years. The machine features a six-point self-leveling mounting system, adjusting large V-shaped side supports made of metal. Its single knob articulating side arms makes it extremely secure and convenient to mount the racquet easily. The machine turns up to 360 degrees and comes with a braking system. Its five teeth, slim profile, and quick action rotating swivel clamps are very easy to maneuver and glide with ease. The super-quick cam like mechanism makes it easy to clamp the racquet to the table securely.


  • This stringing machine comes with a complete set of stringing tools.
  • The machine comes with a metal stand and is height adjustable as well.
  • Comes with a sturdy and height adjusting stand.


  • The weld on the stand is bubbled
  • The turntable moves slightly while pulling, but it is negotiable.

#3. Gamma Progression Racquet Stringing Machine

This is an expert tabletop racket stringing machine that comes with all desired tools and accessories to string the tennis, squash, and badminton racquets. This is an excellent machine that matches the stringing needs of both home and business. The machine is ideal for rackets that are used for tennis, racquetball, squash, and badminton games. As this machine features a broad base design and diamond coated rotational ratchet gripper, it can last for years. 

With the help of its gamma progression technology, the players can get the perfect string tension that matches the needs of the players. This stringing machine features a drop weight tensioning mechanism that lies within the range of 9 to 90-pound range. The machine is also equipped with a nickel-chrome plated steel bar turntable that rotates up to 360 degrees for stringing ease and maximum agility.

This machine makes racquet stringing as easy and as simple as possible. The stringing machine features two composite floating clamps and a two-point racquet mounting system. Being an entry-level stringer, it has several easy to use features than most advanced models. The unit comes with the complete set of tools that are within the arm’s reach of the user, to make the stringing process as easy as possible. The machine features a built-in tray to keep the stringing tools and accessories near while working.


  • Comes with a complete set of tools to complete the racquet stringing process.
  • Designed for easy and safe stringing and to keep the racquet firmly in place.
  • Drop weight tensioning ranges between 9 and 90 pounds.


  • There is no guide shipped with this machine, and newbies have to do some research before using the unit.

#4. Tourna 600-ES Constant Pull Stringing Machine

The Tourna 600 ES is one of the most popular racquet stringing machines that are loaded with several features. It features constant pull tensioning, self-level mounting, and easy lock base clamps. This machine also features an array of options on its digital panel. The machine is ideal for professional shops that keep stringing hundredths of racquets frequently. 

The Tourna 600-ES is a constant pull computerized stringing machine that is ideal for stringing the tennis, squash, racquetball, and badminton games. The machine comes with six adjusting pull speeds from slow to fast. The machine also has four levels of pre-stretch and its knot functions help to increase its tension on tie-off pulls. 

Users love the convenient timer function of this stringing machine and its precision tension controls range from 10 to 90 pounds with one-pound accuracy. The machine comes with a diamond-coated rotary string gripper and also features articulating sidearms for secure mounting and ultra-convenience stringing.

The machine also features an adjusting large metal V-shape side supports and a centering lever on the mounting stand for fine and fast adjustments. It also comes with complete 300-degree turn rotations with brake. Other inherent features of this stringing machine are its slim profile, quick action, fine-tooth, rotating swivel clamps, etc. Its super quick cam like mechanism locks down easily and securely in one hand. The machine also comes with an adjusting floor stand and tension foot pedal and comes with a complete set of stringing tools.


  • Offers true constant pull tensioning with advanced microprocessor technology
  • There are six selectable speeds from slow to fast
  • Features a sturdy height adjusting stand.


  • A quality stringer, but is priced in a higher range.

#5. Gamma Progression II 602 Machine

This is an eminent 360-degree rotation tabletop racquet stringer machine that comes with the complete set of stringing accessories and racket stringing tools. This machine meets the stringing requirements of squash, racquetball, tennis, and badminton racquets. This stringing machine strings at the perfect tension and renders an optimal drop weight tensioning from 9-90 lbs. with a 360 steel bar turntable. The machine comes with six-point mounting and is designed for safe and easy stringing that helps to keep the racquet firmly in its place.

It’s easy to reach tool tray helps stringers to keep all their restringing tools within easy reach and its toolset includes straight awl, pathfinder awl, pliers, hex wrenches, and a diagonal cutter. Gamma sports is in the manufacturing of the stringing machine for more than 25 years. This is an ideal stringer for home and business stringing needs and this top stringing machine is made to last for years.

The machine is equipped with a nickel-chrome plated steel bar turntable that rotates up to 360 degrees for maximum agility and stringing ease. The Gamma progression II stringing machine comes with two composite floating clamps and a six-point quick-mount system. Its V-shaped mounting system keeps the racquet in its place firmly, while allowing the user to work easily and to install any string on any type of racquet.


  • Buyers get three sets of gamma tennis strings and a starter guide.
  • Holds a badminton racket just fine and doesn’t require any adapter.


  • It is important to lay the machine on a flat surface.

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Choosing the Best badminton Stringing Machines (Buying Guide)

Quality badminton racquets are a result of quality stringing. This machine also helps to restring the racquet when the string gets loose. But choosing the best stringing machine is not an easy task. The following are some of the important points to consider while choosing to buy the best badminton stringing machine.

1. Mounting system:

The badminton racquet stringing machine comes with ample mounting options. The mounting system of the machine determines the number of contact points that are used to hold the racquet when it is been strung. Some machines can have up to six contact points while some stringing machines can have as few as two contact points. More the contact points, the longer will be the stringing but that will make the racket stable. Stringing machines with two contact points string faster and are cheaper than the machines with high points. 

2. Tension options:

The badminton stringing machine comes with a tension setting. Some machines have pull strings that are up to 30 pounds or higher, while some of them can have a pull tension of 90 pounds of tension. The amount of tension will determine the speed of stringing. Stringing machines operate in various ways. Some of them are electric, some are crank while other machines are manual. The electronic stringing machine has a computer chip and a motor to set the tension. Manual stringing machines on the other hand demand a lot of energy to set the tension alright. The manual machines are not as expensive as electric ones but they still do just fine.

3. Size of the stringing machine and its price:

The stringing machines come in different sizes. There are portable units that can easily fit on a tabletop, while the others are large machines that stand on a pedestal. For those who are planning to take the machine around, then it is better to go with a small machine. The size of the machine is directionally proportional to their cost. Small stringing machines can be bought for $200, whereas big ones can be sold for $1000. The setup of the stringing machine, either indoors or outdoors, will also determine its size

Final Words

Choosing the right badminton stringing machine can be a complicated process, but choosing the right machine determines how well the racquet is strung. This in turn reflects on the quality of the gameplay. We hope our product recommendations and our buying guide helps you to string the racquet just right for a powerful badminton game.



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