Best Badminton Sets 2021 – Top 5 Reviews


Are you interested in playing Badminton every time you feel bored and idle? Are you inclined towards the sport to the extent that you wish to play it on your holidays and trips too? Then you should consider buying a badminton set. Not just because you get all the essentials at a single place, for these sets come in a convenient carry bag, neatly arranged to help you to carry it easily to places. 

The complete badminton set comprises of badminton racquets, birdies or shuttlecocks, poles, and net. Some of these nets include a volleyball as well and comes as a two-in-one game combo. If you have made up your mind to buy the essentials of the sport as combo sets, then this guide is for you.

List of Best Badminton Sets 2021

Best Badminton SetsIncludesPrice
#1. Baden Champions Badminton Set(1) Badminton net, (3) Shuttlecocks, and (4) Badminton RacquetsCheck Price Here
#2. Franklin Sports Volleyball & Badminton Set(1) Net, (1) Volleyball, (2) Shuttlecocks, and (4) Badminton RacquetsCheck Price Here
#3. Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set(1) Badminton net, (2) Shuttlecocks, (2) Birdies, and (4) Badminton RacquetsCheck Price Here
#4. EastPoint Sports Badminton Racket Set(2) Shuttlecocks, and (2) Badminton RacquetsCheck Price Here
#5. Yonex Badminton Combo Set(2) Shuttlecocks, and (2) Badminton RacquetsCheck Price Here

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Top 5 Best Badminton Sets 2021 (Reviews)

#1. Baden Champions Badminton Set

Check Price

You can enjoy hours of outdoor fun with the help of the Baden Champions Badminton set as it a complete set that including everything that you require to play the game at your backyard. This is high quality and highly durable badminton set that includes,

  • Regular size badminton net with high visibility tape
  • 3 Nylon shuttlecocks
  • Four tournament-grade badminton racquets
  • Official size boundary lines with webbing
  • Official badminton heights
  • Durable and weather-resistant carry bags with zippers. 

All these components come in a durable and weather-resistant carry case with straps for easy and efficient storage and portability. Its adjusting and heavy-duty aluminum poles make the setup and break down of the entire badminton set pretty quick and easy. The net comprises a 2-inch net tape that is highly visible at all times of the day. This badminton set is great for 2-4 people and is a must to have addition for backyard games, summer camps, family trips, and even social events. 


  • Excellent mid-level badminton game set that is ideal for recreational gameplay
  • The set comes with neat and highly visible boundary lines.


  • You cannot fix the net to the ground, so it can fall off during heavy winds.
  • Fixed height for both adults and kids.

#2. Franklin Sports Volleyball & Badminton Set

Check Price

This complete Badminton set from Franklin helps you to spend quality time with friends in the outdoors, playing your favorite sport. This set is excellent for parties, beaches, and backyard fun. This combo set is easy to set up in any location and is ideal for all skill levels. It comprises equipment that yields to the needs of 2-4 players. 

The set includes a 20’ x 1.5’ x 1.5” all-weather net with poles of 1” in diameter. The assembled height of the net can be about 61”. Other components of this badminton and volleyball set are as follows,

  • Four steel badminton racquets
  • Two shuttlecocks
  • Vinyl volleyball with inflating pump and needle
  • 4 sets of guide ropes and tension clips


  • The volleyball can be used to play pool volleyball game as well.
  • Good combo set that packs essentials for two games in a single bag.


  • Not a very durable product – the poles are prone for breaking
  • The net is too small and is not very stable on the ground. 

#3. Champion Sports Outdoor Badminton Set

Check Price

This is a complete set to play some serious badminton game when you are holidaying in your lawn, on the beach or even at a far off destination. This comprehensive kit comprises of,

  • A mesh net
  • Four aluminum racquets
  • Four durable shuttlecocks
  • Aluminum poles
  • Carrying bag

This is high-quality outdoor sporting equipment that comprises of heavy-duty powder-coated poles. They are indeed strong enough to withstand intense gameplay and even the worst weather. The premium nylon net comes with waterproof tarpaulin tapes. This set can be your perfect addition to outdoor games, camping trips, tailgating etc., and it is easy to set up and break down in minutes. The set also comprises a water-resistant carrying bag for easy and effortless transportation. 


  • The net features pockets that slip over the pole and there are tie strings to secure them to the eyebolt at the top of the pole. 
  • The stake and guy ropes are very sturdy helping in long hours of play and fun.
  • Great and lightweight set for players of all skill levels.


  • The height of the net is just 5 feet and the racquets are light. Not a set for those looking for professional gameplay.

#4. EastPoint Sports Badminton Racket Set

Check Price

This is a perfect set for traveling athletes and for those people who wish to always be game ready at any situation and location. The set comprises fo two multicolored badminton racquets that are about 26 inches long. Thus these racquets are ideal for those wanting to indulge in traditional gameplay. Each of the two racquets has a dark and sleek coloring that is attractive and helps in identification as well.

These racquets comprise of a durable and an all-weather construction along with tempered steel shafts and thus will stand up for intense gameplay that lasts even for hours. As these racquets consist of a soft handle, you will feel very comfortable in your casual matches. It’s easy and natural grip helps with fun-filled games for long hours, without fatiguing the hand. 

The shuttlecocks allow for excellent visibility in the outdoors and are tough enough to last for many years. The set comes in a convenient carry bag with an easy grab handle to be able to carry anywhere. This is a great set for tailgating, camping, picnics, barbecues, and the backyard. 


  • Comprises of official size badminton racquets
  • The components of this set comprise of a weather-resistant construction
  • Its soft handles help with long hours of comfortable gameplay.


  • Not a very durable product.

#5. Yonex Badminton Combo Set

Check Price

This assorted badminton set from Yonex comprises of two aluminum frame racquets, three shuttlecocks with green or yellow cap and a kit bag. The racquets can be in red, blue, yellow, red, or black colors. The kit bag cam comes in blue or red colors. 

The racquets comprise a low torsion steel shaft that is ideal for both beginners and intermediate level players. The racquet comes with a headcover and is extremely lightweight. The shuttlecock has been developed with expert precision and is manufactured to produce exceptional flight performance. This close-to feather shuttlecock is four times more durable than an ordinary nylon shuttlecock and is thus one of the most cost-effective alternatives from Yonex. 

The carry bag of this badminton set has padded straps with adjustable lengths to help with easy and comfortable carrying. There are several foam-lined compartments in this carry bag to store other accessories.


  • High quality and high durable badminton combo set from Yonex
  • Very light racquets that work great in the court.


  • The combo set is costlier than buying the components individually.

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What to Look for in Your Complete Badminton Set?

1. Components:

Check the combo set for its components. Check if its parts would help you to play the game efficiently. Some of them come with nets whereas others don’t. if you want to use the set for your game on the lawn, then you should opt for the set that comes with a net.

2. Construction:

Choose badminton sets from leading brands so that they have a solid construction and serve justice to the money spent on them. Make sure that the components are durable and are good enough to stand the test of time. Wherever possible, choose racquets with metal body and steel handles, so that they stand durable. Check if their metal finish has rust-resistant properties as well.

3. Size of the set:

The size of the combo set that you buy depends on whom you are buying for. If you are buying them for your teen, then the child’s size would not be appropriate. Or the best way is to look for the one that goes great with people of all ages. Choose sets that come with a portable bag so that carrying them around becomes easy.

4. Ease of setting up:

Opt for badminton sets that are easy to set up and breakdown, especially those that come with poles and nets. Check if the steel poles of the neck come with a locking mechanism for easy setup. Some sets do not require assembling and allows us to start the game instantly. Wherever possible choose sets with adjusting heights to yield to the preferences of all ages of players. Also, make sure of the stability of the poles and the net and their ability to endos all-weather gameplay.

5. Performance of the kit:

Check the badminton racquets for shaft flexibility. Check the quality of the birdies and the overall weight and construction of the racquet to use it for professional gameplay. Also check the balance point of the racquets, handgrip, and string tension as these are markers of quality and durability.

Final Words

Choose the badminton set according to your need and requirement and based on the quality construction of its components. We hope our guide helps you in picking up the best badminton set to fill your leisure with fun games.



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