5 Best Badminton Overgrip Reviews (UPDATED 2021)


For ambient game performance, players should choose a credible badminton racquet. And what is more important than choosing the racquet is the racquet overgrip. These grips render several advantages as they render a better handle and helps in shock attenuation. They also add a lot of elegance and style to the badminton racquets. We have listed the best badminton overgrips here along with their buying guide to help our readers choose the best grips. We hope they will help in escalating your game skills to great heights.

List of Best Badminton Overgrips

Top 5 Best Badminton OvergripsEditor ScorePrice
#1. Gamma Supreme Badminton Overgrip9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. Wilson Pro Racquet Overgrip9.6/10Check Price Here
#3. Yonex Super Grap Overgrip9.6/10Check Price Here
#4. Senston Anti-Slip Badminton Racquet Overgrip9.4/10Check Price Here
#5. Pangda Badminton Racket Overgrips9.1/10Check Price Here

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Importance of Using Badminton Overgrip on Badminton Racquets

  • Racket over grips helps in enhancing the performance of the game by making the racquet very stable. 
  • These grips have little grooves and are thicker for rendering additional comfort and durability. 
  • They add additional circumference on the handle and are durable as well.
  • Overgrips are generally thinner, to ensure that the handle doesn’t get heavy
  • As they render an additional layer of stickiness on the grip, they add to the comfort of the player. 
  • Also, they help in preventing tennis elbow by dampening vibrations. Also, thicker grips create less strain on the elbows. 
  • Those badminton players who are looking for comfort more than moisture-wicking and slipping should opt for textured over grips.
  • Absorbent overgrips helps in moisture absorption and helps to combat sweat on the palm. Thus the players can stick on to the racquet firmly and avoid slipping. 
  • Tacky over grips help in renders the best grip with a distinct feeling. This can help those players who struggle with issues that dropping the racquet often.
  • There are also replacement grips that are applied directly over the racquet handle, whereas the overgrips are placed over the existing racket grip.

Top 5 Best Badminton Overgrip Reviews

#1. Gamma Supreme Badminton Overgrip

The Gamma Supreme overgrip comprises of a high traction polymer coated with a non-woven and firm base. This overgrip was found to be extremely popular among the players and specifically benefits players who are tacky in the ground. The best feature of this overgrip is that it fits all handle lengths and is extremely durable.

It comes as a three grip pack and its dimensions are about 49” x 10.6”. The grip is available in blue, black, grey, pink, red, and white colors. The overgrip offers great absorbency and is also durable enough to withstand long hours of play. This super tacky and absorbed overgrip features several soft foam power ridges. These power ridges are capable of strengthening any grip, be it strong or weak. It also allows the players to switch between forehand and backhand grips seamlessly. 

Its supreme power overgrip allows the badminton players with a weak grip to have ambient control over the racquet, to generate more power and head speed. Thus, a player with a strong grip will be able to relax their grip on their handle and gain more power on the shots and serves, that test their reach. Every single piece in the 15-piece resealable tour pack offers tremendous tackiness and absorbency. The grips are soft and are also extremely durable to stand many hours and days of play.


  • The grip expertly fits extra-long racquets.
  • The package dimensions of the product are about 12 x12 x12 inches
  • Durable and tacky overgrip.
  • The grip feels soft and cushioned.


  • The gamma logo letters look corny

#2. Wilson Pro Racquet Overgrip

The Wilson Pro racquet overgrips comes as a bundle of 12 individuals overgrips that are ideal for consistent badminton players. The overgrip features a polyurethane construction with high stretch and a super-thin felt surface. The grips come is a reusable and waterproof storage bag that keeps the grips dry and fresh all day long.

This grip is the perfect choice for many professionals and renders them tremendous benefits. The grips are super thin and are made of high-stretch felt, that renders an excellent feel for an extended period. Pro Overgrip is preferred by players of all ages and renders excellent value, comfort, and durability. The grips come with tapes for easy application and are available in white color. It comes as 12 grips per pack. 

Wilson Pro Overgrip 12 pack contains 12 individual overgrips along with a finishing table and a resealable storage bag. It is great for frequent badminton players and is available only in white color. The grips are available with the least color addictive, to render the best feel. The grips render a super thin and high stretch felt. Its tapered starting end helps in easy application. These grips are the top choice of Wilson touring professionals all over the world.


  • These grips have an extended storage time when they are kept at a reasonable temperature.
  • The tapes come with a finishing tape individually.
  • Each pack has 12 individual overgrips in them. Each of the grips is pre-cut and each of them has its tape to finish installation of the overgrip.


  • The overgrip renders an excellent grip but is very sticky.

#3. Yonex Super Grap Overgrip

The Yonex Super Grap Overgrip comes as a single roll of three strips of overgrip and comes with a grip tape as well. These grips are great for all racquet sport, such as tennis, squash, badminton, and racquetball.

This super grip enhances the playability of the racquet and works by absorbing perspiration and shock to render the players excellent feel and control.

With this grip on, players will be able to play for hours without having to worry about sweat affecting their grip.

The grip renders a tacky and a sticky feel, giving the players a superior grip over their racquet handle. It comes as three grips per pack and is available in multiple colors. The dimensions of the grip are 0.98 x 47.2 x 0.025 inches. The grip roll is good to cover at least 3-4 racquets.


  • Excellent racquet grip for hot and humid weather and for players who sweat a lot.
  • Extremely durable badminton racquet overgrip
  • Offers excellent feel and value for the money
  • Cheaper and durable overgrips that render maximum grips.


  • The overgrip offers the players a sticky feel.

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#4. Senston Anti-Slip Badminton Racquet Overgrip

This is an excellent anti-slip badminton overgrip that appeals to tennis, badminton, and Pickleball games. This overgrip appeals to all racquet games and can also be used overfishing poles and walking sticks. Its humanization design features a raised edge for enhanced grip and decreased shock. The Senston overgrip with keel allows the players to easily hold the handle and feel extremely comfortable.

The overgrips feature a perforated surface which helps with tremendous breathability and ventilation. The grips are made from high-quality materials and feature exquisite workmanship. These indeed makes the grips extremely comfortable to use. the grips also feature long-lasting colors and are extremely durable as well.

The dimensions of the grips are 44.5” x 1” x 0.03”. The package comprises five black grips. They have a raised edge for enhancing the grip and for decreasing shock. These grips are made of PU material with a thin and good stretch felt surface. They also have attached adhesive pads and the overgrips come with sweat holes on their surface along with a thin layer of film.


  • The grip has a raised edge for ambient grip and shock reduction
  • The sweat absorption and water resistance is strong
  • Excellent grips with extremely durable features.


  • Excellent grips but poor color choices.
  • Not very supportive in handling sweat.

#5. Pangda Badminton Racket Overgrips

This is an excellent badminton racket overgrip that features an anti-slip and absorbent grip. The pack contains nine styles A multicolored grips that are available in black, green, white, pink, yellow, blue, grey, and purple color. Since each of the grips are available only in a single color, the players will be able to distinguish and differentiate their racquets easily. 

This racket overgrip is ideal for almost all racket games such as tennis, squash, badminton, racketball, etc. These over grips fit great for fishing rods, motorbike handlebars, and even bike handlebars. The anti-slip overgrip renders tremendous sweat absorption and tremendous slip resistance. These grips offer tremendous batting strength and prolong the life of the racquet handles. 

The overgrips are relatively thin and are thus very much comfortable to touch. The racquet overgrips are made from high-quality PU material and it features a thin and a good stretch felt surface. They also have adhesive pads for a firm attachment. There are many sweat holes on the surface of the overgrip that mimics a layer of film, with expert firmness to play the game with style and class.


  • Protects and prolongs the handles of the racquet.
  • The racket overgrip is ideal for tennis, squash, badminton, and racquetball games
  • The pack includes 9 overgrips in assorted colors. 


  • The grips can be a little slippery.

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Buying the Best Badminton Overgrips (Buying Guide)

Overgrips are an additional layer of covering at the handle of the badminton racquet to help players indulge in long hours of the game without any hindrance. During tough sports, these overgrips prevent the racquet from slipping off the hand, owing to excess sweat build up. Badminton grips in general help in soft playing and helps players to enjoy long matches without any discomfort. There are several advantages in choosing badminton overgrips and they help players in improving their game style and play the game without fatigue.

1. Choosing the grip based on playing style:

Players who resort to a power attacking style of playing usually stick on to a thicker grip. Players with this style of playing hold on to their racket handle tighter, to force powerful shots. 

Players who concentrate on speed, control, and deception should prefer a thinner grip, to enhance control over the racket head for quicker changes of racket head position. Such grips help in quick changing of grip from forehand and backhand.

2. Size of the badminton grip:

A small badminton grip will render great control for the players, while racquets with a bigger grip allow more power for the player. It is important to remember that players should layer up the handle to the desired grip size as they want. Players should also purchase grip cushioning to layer up the whole grip or in certain areas. Some badminton players tweak the end of the grips to be much wider for additional overhead shot power and control.

3. Extent of dryness and tackiness:

The level of tackiness and dryness in the badminton overgrip is a matter of subjective and personal preference. Players can also decide on the tackiness of the racquet depending on the extent of the sweat they experience.

Three Different Types of Badminton Overgrips

There are three different types of badminton grips that are available in the market. These grips are replacement grips, overgrips, and towel grips.

  • Replacement grips are those that are used in the place of the original grip. The original grip is the one that is attached already with the badminton racquet when the players first buy them. The replacement grip is slightly thicker and is generally made of polyurethane material
  • Overgrips are similar to replacement grips, and these are much cheaper and thinner than the regular replacement grips. They are wrapped over the original grip and help to render a thicker grip handle for the power play.
  • Towel grips are generally made of cotton and these grips are great in absorbing sweat. These grips can however be very thick and heavy.

Final Words

Badminton players should choose their grips depending on their game style. Not all players are the same and not all grips are the same. So it is better to try different grips and choose the one that best suits the player’s game style. Some grips require regular replacement and players can better replace the outer layer, rather than replace the entire grip, which can be very costly.



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