Best Badminton Kit Bags (UPDATED 2021): Top 5 Best Options


Badminton is a tough sport that demands the use of any equipment such as the racquet, birdies, shoes, energy drinks, etc. But the trick besides using all of this equipment wisely is keeping them organized, perhaps in a single bag. The badminton bag is the ultimate hack to keep all the badminton requirements safe and in place. It not just stores the accessories, but also keeps them protected with paddings and cushioning inside its secure pockets. We have listed the best badminton kit bags here, to help you select the best one and flaunt the badminton court with style. These bags also help players to organize their game essentials and enter the court in class.

List of Best Kit Bags for Badminton Players

Top 5 Badminton Kit BagsEditor ScorePrice
#1. Babolat Backracq Badminton x8 Racquet Bag9.6/10Check Price Here
#2. Senston Badminton Racquet Bag9.6/10Check Price Here
#3. Yonex Badminton Kitbag 14 BLDEX8.8/10Check Price Here
#4. Yonex 2018 New 9826 Racquet Bag9.5/10Check Price Here
#5. Babolat Pure x12 Racquet Bag9.4/10Check Price Here

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Top 5 Best Badminton Kit Bags 2021

#1. Babolat Backracq Badminton x8 Racquet Bag

This is an excellent badminton bag that has been dedicated to the badminton game. This lightweight badminton bag is great for travel and it also helps to protect the badminton racquets within its secured grip. The bag comprises several compartments and helps the players to protect their gear effectively. The bag can comfortably accommodate two to three racquets, along with their back panel.

The compartments of this bag have been designed in such a way that it keeps the racquets safe and also covers its grips. The large main central compartment can carry clothes and gear. The separate shoe compartments of the bag come in handy to carry the badminton shoes for practice. There is also a separate compartment to store small additional accessories. Thus players can keep the phone, grips, keys, and money safe in the backpack. The bag can accommodate both badminton and squash racquets and the dimensions of the bag is between 76 x 32x 30 cm. 

With this badminton bag on your side, you can divert your entire concentration on the badminton court and all your equipment will be stored safely in your racquet bag. The bag has been crafted with the capacity to handle up to 8 racquets and it features an easy to carry strap for hassle-free carrying. The overall capacity of this bag is about 73 liters.


  • Can easily accommodate 4-5 racquets.
  • It’s a medium-sized compact bag that is spacious and is also looks great.
  • Features a slim and beautiful shape and has enough room to hold all gears.


  • Can be a little uncomfortable on the shoulder when carried for a long time and distance.

#2. Senston Badminton Racquet Bag

This is a single shoulder racquet bag that is capable of accommodating up to six racquets. This bag is also extremely dustproof and waterproof and its dimensions are about 28.3” x 11.4” x 7.1”. This badminton bag is of a very large capacity and features about two main bags and three secondary bags. Thus, it is capable of accommodating up to 5-6 badminton racquets, 3-4 tennis racquets, and tennis jackets. There are provisions to keep tennis shoes as well.

The auxiliary unit of this tennis bag has holes and renders expert ventilation, to keep the items inside the bag breathable. The bag is constructed completely of polyester Poly-urethane material. The two compartments of the bag are good enough to store six badminton racquets, with 3 racquets in each compartment. The other compartment can be good enough to accommodate bottlers, shoes, birdies, and other stuff. There is a separate compartment for shoes at the bottom of the bag and thus there is no way that the shoes come in contact with the racquets and disturb them. Also, the compartment to hold the badminton racquet has expert cushioning, to render excellent protection for the racquets. And most importantly, this badminton bag is priced comfortably.


  • Has a semi divided pocket along the entire front and a smaller pocket for balls and birdies.
  • A very practical bag is ample cushioning at the sides.
  • Colorful and attractive bag with many compartments.


  • The size of the compartments is really big but are not long enough to stock the racquet covers. 
  • No cushioning at the bottom, thus racquets hit the ground every time the bag is kept down.

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#3. Yonex Badminton Kitbag 14 BLDEX

This badminton bag has two main compartments and a separate shoe compartment. There is also a small pocket to store items like a phones, keys, and wallets. This badminton bag is manufactured with lightweight fabric and there is an inner lining in all the bag compartments for durability and padded support. This badminton bag features two hand straps and a large strap for carrying the kit bag easily. The bag is available in black color with yellow graphics. 

This is indeed a mid-range badminton kit bag with two compartments. It features a new fabric design and is developed in a lightweight black color fabric with a glossy finish. The bag has a durable lining with padding and thus looks extremely strong and attractive. The shoes are fabricated with two large compartments with padded lining and this alone gives the confidence for the players to store the racquet safely. The one large shoe pocket is placed on the sides of the kitbag for storing the badminton shoes securely. There are several small accessory pockets that are available at the backside of the kitbag so that players can store several small items and play the game peacefully.


  • Two main compartments with one middle pocket to store shoes and accessory.
  • The head shape of this badminton bag is isometric and the material of the bag is synthetic.
  • Features two-sided shoulder strap


  • Very good badminton bag, but it is smaller in size.

#4. Yonex 2018 New 9826 Racquet Bag

This is an excellent racquet bag from the Yonex brand that is available in a bright pink color. This badminton bag is very huge and can accommodate 6 rackets at a single time. The bag features four external pockets, to accommodate racquets, shoes, and badminton accessories separately. The best feature of the badminton bag is that it features padded sidewalls that are good enough to render expert protection for the racquets and the badminton rackets.

The bag also has a large accessories pocket that allows enough space to carry average-sized feather shuttle tubes. Players can also carry their items in their badminton bag. Though the shoe compartment fills perfectly in the racquet compartment, it would still render enough space for a pair of large shoes. It safely protects the racquets inside the racquet compartment. The buckle at the backpack straps pivots at about 90 degrees, rendering tremendous comfort for all types of badminton players. 

This badminton bag is designed with EVA form material that helps the bag to retain its shape. On the sides, where there is an enlarged Yonex logo, there is a large accessory pocket in this bag. Players can look for more storage at the shoe and ball pouches to keep the gear more organized. The shoe and ball pouches are located at the sides of the bag for easy gear organization. The backpack style shoulder straps help in easy carrying of the bag around the court.


  • Excellent construction with straps kept well away from the zippers.
  • Two adjusting shoulder straps that can be used as backpack straps.
  • There are two grab handles for easy carrying.


  • Very large bag but the length is not adequate to accommodate the length of the bag.

#5. Babolat Pure x12 Racquet Bag

This is perhaps the best protective kit to secure the badminton kit. The bag comprises three main compartments, two with isothermal protection to prevent the loss of tension in the strings. Each of its compartments is capable of holding up to 5 racquets in place. The bags feature an exterior and ventilated tunnel pocket that is ideal to keep shoes, and dirty gear. This badminton bag also features a large side accessory pocket with ample internal organization features. 

This badminton bag also features a small molded side accessory pocket to store smaller items such as wallets, mobile phones, etc. There is also a removable shoe sack included stacking badminton practice shoes. The bag also has a padded and adjusting backpack strap. This customizable feature creates a personalized tag for the badminton players. The bag is available in white, blue, and black colors and the dimensions of the bag are about 30 x 16.5 x 14”.

The Pure-12 is a large capacity and thermally insulated bag that is designed to fit the needs of competitive badminton players. The bag has been designed for players who are looking to get the most out of their bag. The bag has two compartments with isothermal protection and can hold up to five racquets in a single time. The middle compartment of the bag is also as large and can accommodate five racquets to carry other gear as well.

The bag has exterior pockets with internal organization features to store and carry smaller items and accessories. The vented pocket of this bag is good to carry shoes and dirty ear as well. Thus, traveling with this bag will be comfortable while its padded backpack straps make it easy to grab and go.


  • Features an exterior ventilated tunnel pocket for dirty gear and shoes.
  • Features a large side pocket with ample internal organizational features.
  • Attached, padded, and adjusting backpack straps.


  • The bag can be quite heavy when full to carry for a long time.

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Choosing the Best Badminton Kit Bag (Buying Guide)

For badminton players who practice daily and are serious about the badminton game will face difficulties to carry their game belongings and essentials. To make it easy for them to concentrate on the game, the badminton kit bag is the ultimate solution. With the help of this bag, the players can carry all their game equipment efficiently. The players can carry their racquets and belongings efficiently with the help of this bag. Some important aspects to consider while choosing the kit bag are as follows.

1. Number of compartments in the bag:

This is one of the important factors to consider while choosing the bag. More the compartments, easy it will be to carry all the gear efficiently in one place. Badminton players should choose the number of compartments in the bag based on their requirements. It is normal to have two compartments for racquets and other gear separately.

2. Weight of the bag:

Badminton players should choose lightweight bags so that they carry it daily and with ease to the badminton court. It is important to choose bags with twin shoulder straps so that players can distribute the weight of the bag equally on both their shoulders. 

3. Water resistance:

Chose badminton bags with water resistance properties, so that the racquets and other belongings are kept safe in all weather conditions. 

4. Fabric and quality of the bag:

Choose bags that are made of high quality material as low quality fabric material will not render good performance and will not last long. High quality badminton bags are made from 6×6 microfibers and polyurethane material. Badminton players should also check the quality of the zipper so that the zippers easily slide from side to side efficiently.

5. Separate compartments in the bag:

The bag that you choose should have separate compartments to store the racquets, shoes, and other gear separately. Backpack style kit bags are generally preferred by many players. Players should check the quality of the straps and their softness before preferring to buying one.

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Final Words

Badminton players should choose their kit bag based on their preference and the number of racquets that they wish to carry. They should also check the quality of the fabric and zippers. Also the bag should be easy to carry and should be affordable and feature adjusting straps. We hope our product recommendations and our buying guide will help you in choosing the best bag to escalate your skill level and to attend practice with utmost ease and comfort.



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