Best Volleyball Nets for Backyard – Top 5 Nets of 2021


Here are some of the best volleyball nets for backyard and for outdoor places rated by experts based on factors like quality, size, price, and how it’s used.

Volleyball Nets for BackyardEditor RatingPrice
#1. Park & Sun Sports Recreational Volleyball Net9/10Check Price Here
#2. ATINUS Volleyball Net for Backyard9/10Check Price Here
#3. DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Net9/10Check Price Here
#4. Park & Sun Sports Professional Volleyball Net9/10Check Price Here
#5. Champion Sports Tournament Volleyball Net8/10Check Price Here

The entertaining game of Volleyball is one you can enjoy in the backyard. While the ball is an essential part of the game, you can’t compromise on the quality of the volleyball net. The first thing you need to consider when choosing the volleyball net is your playing location, i.e. whether you will use the net to play outdoor or indoor. In places such as the backyard of your home, you would need a complete net system. 

Among the common factors based on which you pick your volleyball net is the court size, you choose to play volleyball in. Volleyball nets come in different sizes and it would be wise to purchase one that meets your size requirement. Whether the players are adults or children, the weight, size, material and overall design of the net would impact your game. 

Among the most popular materials used for volleyball nets are nylon and poly. The former lasts longer and is weather resistant while the latter is more affordable although comparatively less durable. Poly construct nets are often preferred owing to their additional weatherproofing. While outdoor nets are broadly categorized as one, some are better suited for the backyard, while others are best for beach volleyball. Pick your volleyball net carefully to ensure a gratifying game.

Top 5 Best Volleyball Nets for Backyard 2021

Here are some of the top 5 volleyball nets suitable for the backyard. 

#1. Park & Sun Sports Recreational Volleyball Net

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  • The Park and Sun Sports Regulation Size Volleyball Net offers value for money
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • The blue rope cable top ensures its visibility even from a distance
  • The net is constructed with high-quality steel cables that contribute to its strength and firmness.


  • Does not come with the poles.

If you are looking for Volleyball net to play your game in the backyard, the Park & Sun Sports Regulation Size Volleyball net is sure to stream some sunshine. Designed with a rope cable top, the net measures 32’X3’ and is fit for fun matches, competitions, leagues, and tournaments. Ideal for outdoor play, the nylon blend measures 1-1/2” and is fraught with braided sites. This adds to the net’s durability and firmness. The nylon blend makes this Park & Sun volleyball net all-weather friendly. The grommets on the net allow convenient installation.

This Volleyball net is characterized by its stiffness and strength. Even the most impactful game can be played with ease without tampering the net. The even construction of the mesh throughout gives it a professional appearance, increasing its professional appeal. 

Ideal for practice play as well as an advanced level of play, the Park & Sun Sports Volleyball Net can be easily mounted with the stainless steel cables at the top and bottom edges of the net. Even the most powerful shot will not pull down the net; thanks to the sturdy structure. The wooden pegs prevent the net from distending as it is secured by the tension straps. These rope cables prevent the net from sagging. 

The bright blue colour of the net is perfect for the backyard or the park. It’s the versatility of the net that makes it usable wherever you have access to the poles. 

#2. ATINUS Volleyball Net for Backyard

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  • This volleyball net is easily foldable adding to the convenience of travel and transport
  • ATINUS volleyball net is packaged in a waterproof bag that makes it easy to carry it
  • The net can be used for matches, competitions, and fun-play
  • Offers great value for money
  • Good for beginners 


  • The ATINUS net cannot be used for professional tournaments as it is not a Regulation size net.

The ATINUS Volleyball Net is an ideal choice for volleyball fans scouting for a durable net. This volleyball equipment can be easily mounted in the home backyard as it’s portable. The net is foldable and comes in a polybag that makes storage and transport easy. Weighing around 2.6 pounds, you can carry this net to a friend’s home or park hassle-free. 

This branded net is designed with double sewed polyester mesh and measures 32’ L x 3’W. It is a standard size net although not a Regulation size one. The mesh squares are 4” with a 2mm ‘twine’ size. The ATINUS volleyball net is black and designed in the twisted and knotted poly net style. The steel cable rope makes the net durable. The net’s corners have a grommet. This makes it convenient for users to simply mount it on the poles. Constructed of PVC material, this volleyball net is sturdy and weather resistant. 

#3. DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Net

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  • Easy to set up. Players can fix it straight from the bag hassle-free
  • The flexible net height makes the DOURR Professional Sports volleyball net user-friendly
  • The poly carry bag is great for storage and travel


  • DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Net does not come is not a complete network as it doesn’t come with the poles. It can be appended on available poles only.

A good bargain is not enough if you are looking for a quality volleyball net but some brands bring the best of both these sides. The volleyball net form DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Net exemplifies quality with its durable make. The net is designed with PE fabric which makes it long-lasting. The double sewing adds on to its strong frame while the steel wire rope ensures the firmness of this high-grade volleyball net. The net size is 32’ X 3’ which makes it a standard volleyball net fit for tournaments and leagues. 

With all four corners secured with grommet and ropes, the net is easy to adjust and append on standard volleyball poles. The net height can be adjusted according to the comfort of the players. So, whether women, men or children play volleyball, this adjustable net height can provide for additional advantage. It can be adjusted to 3’. 

DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Net is foldable which makes it convenient to carry or store. It comes packed in a reusable waterproof poly bag that enables users to carry it wherever they go. Whether there’s a barbeque at your friend’s home or you’ve planned a day out with your family to the park, this net is ideal for enjoying several sessions of backyard volleyball.

The durable make of the net makes sure that even the most impactful shots don’t crumble it down. The black twisted and knotted polythene net does not wear and tear easily. The ropes and grommet allow quick and easy installation. It is the wrapping around the four sides of the DOURR Professional Sports Volleyball Net that makes sure that the net does not move away from its place during the game. Retention of the net shape impacts the game and this one guarantees it. 

#4. Park & Sun Sports Professional Volleyball Net

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  • Regulation size allows for professional tournaments
  • The BC-400 grade steel cables contribute to the net’s overall stability
  • Perfect for advanced volleyball players 
  • Offers great value for its price


  • Designed for fixed pole court only
  • Not a knot-free net

For players who want to play a serious game of volleyball, the Sports Regulation -sized net from Park & Sun is too good to be true. It measures 39” X 32” and features a black meshed body with 4” squares. The blue tape securing the net measures 4” in the perimeter. Players can be assured of a taut net; thanks to the coated steel cables at the top and bottom of the net. The net tension can be adjusted easily with the wooden dowels featured on the net. These measure 0.875” and prevent folding of the net. 

A representative of its top quality, the Park & Sun volleyball net is tournament ready! This net satiates every volleyball enthusiast’s quest to play the real-tournament. The sturdiness of the net makes it battle-ready and the professional-grade BC-400 adds on to its overall supremacy. This international sports quality net is designed for outdoor volleyball sessions and is durable and weather-resistant as well. The net tape measures 4” while the sides and bottom tape measure 3”. The strong tapes reinforce the net strength and prevent it from snapping. It allows optimum performance and can be conveniently mounted on volleyball courts facilitated with poles. 

The Park & Sun Sports Regulation Volleyball Net can be used for both practice and competitions. It is the steel cable at the top and bottom edge banks that attribute to its stress-free performance. 

#5. Champion Sports Tournament Volleyball Net

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  • The Champions Sports Olympic-Sized Official Tournament Volleyball Net can withstand harsh weather conditions; thanks to its nylon make
  • Heavy-duty net suited for professional-grade play
  • Long-lasting knotless nylon net provides extra firmness 
  • The straps can help to pull the steel cables tight between any standard sized steel volleyball poles. 
  • The stainless steel cable ensure horizontal stability while the dowels make sure that the net stays vertically stable
  • Easy to set-up


  • The net does not come with a complete volleyball net system which means it can be used only in spaces that already have the poles installed.
  • There is no scope of using thicker tension straps cannot

An Olympic styled volleyball net, this one from Champion Sports is the appropriate net for professional players. This official sized volleyball net can be used for all tournaments and competitions and is suited for the backyard, beach, park and other outdoor areas.

Champion Sports Volleyball net is durable and weather resistant. It features a 3mm knotless nylon netting that makes it long-lasting. The knotless design ensures that the net stays upright. It is a lightweight net, slim and resistance to daily wear and tears. The mesh squares have the same dimension which doesn’t change even during a rough game as there are no loose knots. 

Both men and women can enjoy playing their best shots with this net. It is sturdy enough to withstand impactful shots. The 2 ½ inches white headband top and bottom provide this volleyball net excellent visibility. It also supports the net with the balance it provides so that it doesn’t lose its shape during high-intensity gaming sessions. Even if a player accidentally hits the net with his hand or forearm, the cable’s strong built enables the net to regain its shape within a fraction of a second. 

 The cable top and bottom are coated with Vinyl that adds to its stability and support. This cable measures 38’. The side pockets of the Champion Sports Volleyball net features dowels that make sure that the net does not sag due to outward pull from the tension cables. 

The net measures 32’ X 3 1/8’ and is a perfect choice for any serious volleyball player. Unlike the modified versions of its counterparts, this volleyball net is made for advanced players who choose skillful play over fancy gaming. This net is black and with the contrasting white cable, it enables a classy yet sporty look to the volleyball net.

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Final Words

The above top recommendations are made based on thorough research on the best volleyball nets available in the market. The review is based on actual data as available about the brand, product quality and price of the equipment. When purchasing your choicest volleyball net, we suggest that you consider the size, material, durability, colour, edge, wire, dowels and storage facility along with your skill level. All the above-listed volleyball nets are in high demand as the top nets that can be used to play the game outdoor, especially in the backyard. Get the bestseller volleyball net right away!


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