Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players 2021


Advanced players play the game exceptionally well, taking great control over their spin, placement, and power. Advanced tennis players should make use of racquets with medium head sizes and head-light balances. If you are an advanced player, then you should choose a racquet that helps you generate plenty of power and control along with the confidence to handle any ball.

List of Best Advanced Player Tennis Racquets

Best Advanced Tennis RacquetsEditor ScorePrice
#1. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Tennis Racquet9.5/10Check Price Here
#2. Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Tennis Racquet9.5/10Check Price Here
#3. Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour Tennis Racquet9.5/10Check Price Here
#4. Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racquet9/10Check Price Here
#5. Wilson Blade v7 98 Tennis Racquet9/10Check Price Here

Note: These racquets are rated on factors like advanced player’s needs, and how well these racquets suit advanced level games.

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Top 5 Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players 2021

#1. Wilson Pro Staff 97 Countervail Tennis Racquet

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The Wilson pro staff 97 features the latest countervail technology intended for dampening and helps players with muscle fatigue. The familiar aspect of Wilson pro staff 97 is that the racquet is identical to Roger’s RF97 autograph and a bit lighter. Also, the black cosmetic matches Rogers RF97. The promising feature about Pro staff 97 countervail black is that it renders great spin potential and is easy to swing. 

The user-friendly racquet comes in a 21.5mm thin box beam shape along with braided graphite construction. This offers the player a classic feel. Moreover the interwoven countervail material plays a key role in reduced vibration with comfy frame for better off-centre shots. Possessing a strung weight of about 11.5 ounces, Wilson pro staff 97 is quick with a nimble feeling for better swinging. 

Players are astonished about the versatility irrespective of the position in the court. Players mention that it’s a treat to volley with Wilson pro staff 97. Also the flat first serves are perfect with the new pro staff 97, with the frames getting perfect hitting zones. Grabbing the ball is another amazing feel with the 16*19 string pattern for easy kick serves in the court. So, advanced players looking for user-friendly option, without a second thought can opt for Wilson pro staff 97 countervail tennis racquet. The good balance and weight was perfect for excellent maneuverability and stability. 


  • Lively response 
  • Best maneuverability 
  • Easy swing 
  • Good spin potential


  • Erratic stringbed

#2. Wilson Blade 98 Countervail Tennis Racquet

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The latest generation blades have stepped in that delivers a commanding feel for advanced players. Countervail technology is an excellent feature as it helps mitigate fatigue and reducing the shock players experience during ball strike. The Wilson blade series adds more control for aggressive players. The Wilson Blade 98 16*19 comes in an elegant and bold cosmetic along with a velvety paint finish. 

Players enjoy the headlight balance for a prompt tad move. The feel flex technology uses the carbon mapping for torsional stability permitting the racquet bend according to the mechanics of the game. Players are glad to enjoy the longer grip that tapers to handle that results in better hand positioning. The 27” length of Wilson blade 98 16*19 offers a solid feel against pace and also the impact of the ball is outstanding. The 98” head size is awesome that delivers effective power with full swing. moreover, the enhanced level of control helps players target the lines. 

Players also feel that during serve the racquet head mass delivers a powerful and crisp feel. The blade 98 (16*19) delivers a 325+ swing weight and also the block volleys are amazing as they come off the racket with a best pop. With all the there is ample touch to drop the ball on a dime. The Blade 98 16*19 countervail is the latest version and the best selling blades for its awesome features. 


  • The integrated countervail technology boosts energy
  • The forgiving feel is more
  • Modern control
  • Arm friendly
  • Access to spin


  • Needs more control

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#3. Babolat Pure Aero VS Tour Tennis Racquet

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The Babolat pure aero is an excellent choice for advanced players looking for more control. The aero beam is a perfect choice for players preferring spin as it offers more stability and spin control. Aggressive baseliners should pick Babolat pure aero VS tour tennis racquet. Being a heavier version of pure aero VS, The Babolat pure aero VS features more plow through. The overall weight and balance of Pure aero are amazing for a confident play. 

Players enjoy the awesome spin and control during the game with pure aero. The woofer grommet is yet another amazing feature highlighted on the frame. This asissts in string contact time and longer ball offering enhanced control and comfort. Players enjoy a better feel with pure aero VS with the incorporation of cortex dampening interface. You must also make a note about the additional stability at ball impact as pure aero VS features GT technology. The solid and maneuverable feel is amazing and it’s also predictable and precise in volleys. 

The 11.9 ounces strung is stunning as it offers enough power to move on with loads of spin and also paves way for put away points. Players find it awesome to play with this volleying machine and players enjoy the precision and depth of the game. So advanced players looking for a control-oriented frame along with power access, spin, and arm friendliness should opt for pure aero VS tour tennis racquet. 


  • Better stability, spin, and control 
  • Great for big swinging players
  • Woofer grommet feature


  • Heavy swinging racquet

#4. Babolat Pure Aero 2019 Tennis Racquet

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Advanced level players looking for heavy groundstrokes with massive topspin should opt for pure aero 2019. Players with Rafel Nadal’s playstyle need hands-on experience with pure aero 2019. The racquet features the latest features such as cortex pure feel, carbon play stabilizer, Aeromodular, and FSI spin. Lucky players are sure to find the difference with pure aero in the court. Players are glad to unwrap the racquet that comes in a vibrant yellow with a black finish. 

The promising feature of the Aero series is the aero modular beam construction, that features less wind drag and boosts racquet head speed. The arm-friendly during contact is due to the cortex’s pure feel. The cortex pure feel is throughout the frame and helps to minimize shock as the ball is hit. Players feel the racquet head quicker through the strike zone with the incorporation of aero modular technology. 

You will also find the spin potential to be amazing with the capability to push the opponent beyond the baseline. Volleys are outstanding with a crisp hit and a pleasant surprise to the players. You will enjoy the stiff feeling holding the racquet before and after the play due to shock absorption and increased flexibility. Loaded with spin and power, every strike is mind-blowing and a challenge to the opponent player. Multifilament and nylon strings offer you a comfy controlled response. The polyester set up is also awesome with locked feel and control. 


  • Incorporates aero modular and FSI spin technology. 
  • Best stability and maneuverability 
  • Incorporated with carbon ply stabiliser for better stability 


  • Arrives unstrung

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#5. Wilson Blade v7 98 Tennis Racquet

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Advanced players can uncover Wilson blade v7 98 18*20 tennis racquet that comes in an elegant blend of a velvety paint finish. The slightly higher head light balance delivers a higher swing weight with more plow through. The amazing 330+ swing weight maintains the racquet relentless son chips, squares, and counter punches. The cutting edge blades in this series features carbon mapping through the hoop. The feel flex technology is yet another promising feature that enhances stability for superior feel and frame flexibility too. 

For a better consistent feel for the frame to frame, there is a decline in the spec variance in new blades. You can also notice the slight tapering above the grip for better top hand comfort. To assist in flex for better control and feel, the blades are head-light and built with braided basalt and graphite. With a flat 20.6 mm beam, strung weight 11.4 ounces and a soft flex, blade v 7 98 is one of the favorites for advanced tennis professionals. 

The amazing look and feel of lime green and black color scheme along with silver highlights at the sides of the head give an impressive look. You can also find a reduced spec variance for a better frame to frame consistency. The astounding torsional stability and enhanced responsiveness and flex of the frame are unique features loved by all players. 


  • Incorporates feel flex technology
  • Carbon mapping throughout
  • Best control and stability
  • Durable and sturdy 
  • Connected feel
  • Plow through


  • Still new in the market, but very good racquet for advanced level players

How to Choose the Best Tennis Racquet for Advanced Players?

1. Tension:

How best the racquets strings are tensioned is an important phenomenon in enhancing your game style. The average string tension lies in the range of 55-58 pounds, for rendering a balance of power and control. Advanced players should look for a higher tension in the racquets to benefit from better control and precision. Racquets of advanced players can be strung at about 59 pounds or more. 

2. String material:

Players can choose the string material to optimize their power and control in tune with their play and style. The most common types of string material are synthetic, multi-filament strings, natural gut, etc. Synthetic strings are made up of polymers and are extremely durable, as they render more comfort and power to the player. Professional and advanced players should use strings made of natural gut, that offers excellent power and comfort to them. 

3. Unstrung racquets:

Advanced tennis players should choose unstrung racquets and get it strung at their required tension to adapt to their playing style. It is wiser to opt for a denser pattern of stringing with 16 x 19 crosses for optimal control. Most of the time, pre-strung racquets do not appeal to the gaming style of advanced players.

4. Choice of racquet material:

Generally, tennis racquets are available in three different types of material, namely aluminum, pure graphite, graphite composite, etc. Aluminum rackets are good for beginners and graphite racquets appeal for recreational players. Advanced players should choose tennis racquets that are of pure graphite material as they are lightweight and generate more power to every swing. But racquets that are made up of pure graphite material can be quite expensive.

5. Grip size and thickness:

The grip size of the racket influences the comfort of handling the racquet. The standard grip size of the tennis racquet is about 4 3/8”. But there are also racquets available with some smaller and bigger grip sizes. Players can choose the grip size depending on the size of their palm.

6. Head size and length of the racquet:

Though beginners and intermediate tennis players benefit from a larger head size racquet, advance players can go pretty well with smaller head size racquet as well, as they have already gained control over the game. Also, the standard length of an adult tennis racquet is about 27”. Longer racquets render more power for serves and offer good control over the ball as well.

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FAQs for the Best Tennis Racquets for Advanced Players

What are the common errors advance players make while choosing the racquet weight?

Advance players tend to add more weight to the racquet and thus they make them overly heavy. But heavy racquets can be late in establishing contact with the ball as they are too heavy for very quick handling.

What is the ideal balance of the racquet?

The balance is generally how the weight is distributed. Use an evenly balanced racquet so that its balance comes exactly halfway up its frame. This balance is mandatory to control the swing weight of the racquet.

What is the ideal stiffness of an advanced level racquet?

The power and comfort of a racquet depend on its stiffness. A stiffer racquet renders more power and its softer frames help in absorbing more energy from the ball and give back more power in every shot.

What is the ideal string pattern of tennis racquets for advanced players?

The ideal string pattern is 16 x 19 strings. This pattern helps in enhancing the spin potential and the bed stiffness. A tighter string pattern will render a more critical response over the ball.

Final Words

Advanced tennis players should look for tennis racquets that renders them a perfect combination of power and control. A heavier racquet with a good balance should be ideal for advanced tennis players. Advanced players who enroll in tournaments and competitions should choose heavy racquets, with a lighter head and thinner beams along with the optimal head-light balance for maneuverability. This can help them in hitting powerful and long shots.



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