Top 10 Volleyball Tips for Beginners

Volleyball Tips for Beginners

Volleyball is an interesting sport and encompasses several rules and techniques to be followed to win over the opponent. It is regarded as a tough game, owing to the toughness of its moves and the complexity of the throws and serves. Here are some proven tips and tricks to master the game and to score points easily for your team. 

Volleyball Techniques and Tricks for your Competitive Edge

1. Mastering the serves;

The first technique taught to a volleyball player is are the serves and the basic techniques that are used in serving are underarm serves and overhead serves. Having a clean and solid contact with the ball is the key to a solid serve. To gain this solid contact, the best approach is to bend the elbow slightly to create a little window to adjust the height of the toss. 

2. Use all three chances for the hit:

We all know that in volleyball we get three chances to touch the ball before it crosses the net. Beginners tend to get nervous and intimidated by the ball and send it over the net in one or two nets. But the classic volleyball bump, set, and spike play requires all three hits to be executed to not miss a scoring opportunity. Using all three chances maximizes the scoring opportunity for the team.

3. Call Mine at all time:

This is perhaps the first thing taught in volleyball and the players are required to oblige by it, even as their skill level advances. Beginners should not hesitate to call mine when they are ready to take the ball, as it will decrease confusion and helps with clean game action. 

4. Refrain from hitting the ball very close to the net:

One of the most common errors that beginner volleyball players make, is setting the ball very close to the net. Setting the ball very close to the net limits the hitting options for the player. Also, a set that is very close to the net can be unsafe for blockers and for hitters who are not experienced. Most of the time players land on their feet hard and endure ankle and knee injuries. The best approach is to aim at about a foot away from the net, and not exactly at the net.

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5. Refrain from jumping straight while blocking:

Most volleyball players think that when they block a spike, they should simply put their arms in the air and jump straight up. But what they have to do is to press their hands forward, at the peak of their jump as if pushing against the ball, during spikes. Such an approach will render a stronger block and better gameplay. Players should make sure that they jump high enough over the net and not touch the net at any time, to avoid a net violation call.

6. Avoid foot violation while serving:

Though this seems silly, foot violation is a very common mistake that amateur volleyball players make. They have to stand before the service line and make the desired room for their serve. They have to always look at the lines when they go back to serve and make themselves comfortable with the space they require to serve the ball over the net. 

7. Be ready for the ball at all times:

Volleyball is a game that requires only six players on the net and three touches per play. Thus, the probability is that at least three players don’t get their opportunity to touch the ball in one trial. But players should stop spectating, but be always ready to take the ball. This is important for backcourt players as they hardly receive balls. But they still get a set and should always ready to take the ball.

8. Warming up and cooling down:

Many athletes arrive at the court late and rush up to tie their shoes and jump on the court to take the ball without any warm-up. This is a wrong practice and players, both beginners and advanced players should warm up their ligaments and muscles to offer better performance in the game and also to prevent injury. Similarly, having a cool down is equally important as having a warm-up to rest the muscles and to prevent soreness. 

9. Take up a defensive position:

A defensive position is a stance that gets you ready for the opponent’s attack. Having a good defensive position, helps the player to attack as quickly as possible. In a defensive position, the player’s arms are bent in front of them and the legs are bent forward at the waist and the body is leaned slightly forward. This position helps them to move quickly in any direction and respond to the ball better. This position also creates a mental awareness to be prepared for the ball.

 10. Keep all equipment handy before heading for the game:

Beginner volleyball players should make a checklist and pack their bags in calmness. When they are in a rush, there are all possibilities to forget the most important gear for the game. Make sure to pack clean socks, clean shorts, a water bottle, and a sweat towel before you head for the game.

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Basic Tips for Beginner Volleyball Players

  • Beginners have to be very clear on the basic rules of the volleyball game
  • They can also get acquainted with them over time as they play more games and should also get acquainted with the game terms. 
  • They should know when to pass the ball and be always ready to attempt the ball. 
  • Hit with power and make it difficult for the opposite team to hit the ball back. 
  • They should be accurate in passing the ball and learn to block it by jumping high.
  • The players should keep communication throughout the game to avoid confusion.

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Bottom line

Volleyball is a team sport and every single player should learn to be an effective team player. Watch for the signs and obey the game rules and orders by the captain. Hold the right equipment including gear and shoes and you are all set to rock the court.



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