Top 10 Lacrosse Tips for Beginners

Lacrosse Tips for Beginners

Lacrosse is an excellent game that is enjoyable both to watch and to play. The lacrosse team makes use of sticks to throw, carry and shoot the ball along the field to score points. Players can gain a score at one point, when the ball completely crosses the opposite goal line, under the crossbar, and behind the posts. The team that scores the maximum points is considered the winner. The game is played with minimum requirements such as a solid rubber ball, lacrosse stick, gloves, sneakers, mouth guard, and protective eyewear. The rules of the game are also pretty simple and anybody with an interest in the game can play it easily.

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Proven Tips to be a Professional at the Lacrosse Game

Lacrosse is a game that demands a lot of practice before the player specializes in it. Beginner lacrosse players have to put in a lot of effort and hard work to master the game. Here are the best tips that players can follow to master the game.

1. Be graceful on the ball:

Catching the ball flexibly and gracefully is one of the most important things that we should do to catch the ball in a really good way. As the players are required to receive passes from their teammates, they should be able to catch the ball in the best way. A lot of time and practice need to be ascertained to move the stick gracefully when the ball reaches the stick and stabilize a catch.

2.  Learn the technique to receive the ball perfectly:

Beginner lacrosse players should learn the art of receiving a pass. When the teammates throw the ball towards the player, they should be well prepared to receive it. The best way to perform this perfectly is to create space between self and the nearby opponent player. Also, amateurs should be alert at all times and make eye contact with their teammates to receive the ball, as soon as it is thrown at them.

3. Master the technique of cradling the ball:

Beginners lacrosse players should be very perfect in cradling the ball as they can easily lose the ball from the pocket. As the players have to run around the ball, there are all chances of losing the ball. Thus, it is important to master this technique to maintain and retain the ball in the lacrosse pocket. It is of utmost importance that all lacrosse players develop excellent cradling skills to master the game.

4. Passing the ball effectively:

Apart from receiving the pass perfectly, lacrosse players should also learn to make effective passes. There is always an opponent near the player waiting to snatch the ball from them. Thus, players have to find a flexible position to make an effective pass. Make direct eye contact with the teammate before passing the ball to them, as effective communication always results in an effective game. 

5. Handle the stick with both hands:

It is valuable still to handle the lacrosse bat and ball with both hands and this is a valuable skill that every player must learn. Such moves will come in handy to confuse the opponent and to switch quickly from one hand to the other one. Beginners should learn to catch and throw the ball with both hands and with practice, it will become your game skill. 

6. Stay on the feet at all times:

The first rule for all lacrosse players is that they should never stand still in the game. The players should be on their feet at all times and be ready to move. These moves can confuse the opponent and will also create a lot of space to pass and receive the ball when the need arises.

7. Keep the game simple:

Beginner lacrosse players should learn to keep the game simple through short and sharp passes. If you try to execute a glory pass, the length of the pitch will be intercepted as the distance will be very long. Players have to be skeptical about the defender who stays very close to the player to pounce and make simple, sharp, and straight passes every time.

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8. Communication is the key:

Effective communication is the key to a successful team sport. Even in the lacrosse game, the players have to be talking to each other and also communicate through eye contact and body language. Beginners should learn to make clear calls for the ball if you are confident of handling it effectively. While learning the game make sure to communicate openly as a silent player can never be an asset to the team.

9. Avoiding foul play:

Violation of the basic lacrosse rule results in a foul game. There are major and minor fouls and a major foul happens when the player pushes, charges, blocks, trips, or making physical contact with the opponent. A minor foul is called if the players use their foot to shield a ground ball. Players should remember that no part of their body or the stick may enter the crease when the goalkeeper is in their position. 

10. Mastering the basic shots:

Shooting is just like delivering a pass and the only difference is that the target is protected by a goalie and is stationary. The four basic lacrosse shots are the overhand, underhand, sidearm long, and backhand shots. Practicing these shots can be very beneficial in attempting the ball perfectly and also to confuse the opponent adequately in the field.

Beginners can also try playing mini lacrosse or soft lacrosse game before actually playing the real game, to master their game skills.

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Bottom Line

Lacrosse is indeed a simple game that is played with minimal equipment and by following basic rules. Beginners should learn the tricks one by one and focus on the basics thoroughly. Players should also establish a game style for themselves to strengthen their stand in the game. They have to stay alert on the court and be watchful of the moves of their opponent.



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