Beach Tennis Rules & Court Size: Ultimate Guide


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Many times we have gone to the beach to enjoy some quality time with friends, kids, and family. We always loved to play in the water, loved to sit and chat on the shore and watch children play some games running or building castles in the mud. A very few of us think of playing games ourselves on the beach such as beach volleyball or beach tennis. For all your kind information, beach tennis is a great sport that is fun, engaging, and is approved by the International Tennis Federation (ITF). 

Both young and old enjoy playing the game and is a simple game that anybody can learn to play. The rules of this game are simple and are similar to that of tennis. The game has its influence from beach volleyball and badminton as well. The game is played either for recreation and at the competition level as well. The game is played either as singles and doubles and to learn more about the game and to know how best to play it, let us discuss the Beach tennis rules and the size of its court.

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About the Beach Tennis Court

Beach Tennis Court Dimensions
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The court of the Beach Tennis game is rectangular. For doubles match, it is about 16 meters long and 8 meters wife. For singles match the court is 16 meters long and 4.5 meters wide. 

The court is divided into two halves with the help of a net that is either suspended by a cord or a metal cable. The net can pass over two net posts on either side. The height of the net posts should be about 1.7 meters. Caution to be exerted in ensuring that there is no gap between the net and the posts. Also, the mesh of the net should be very small so that the ball doesn’t pass through it. 

The height of the net post should be 1.7 meters equally at all parts of the net, both at the center and at the edges. Make sure that the cord or the metal cable of the net is enclosed by a band at the top to protect the net from the sun.

Coming to the borders of the court, the lines of the court can be between 2.5 cm and 5.0 cm wide and the baselines can be up to 10.0 cm wide. The lines at the end of the court are known as the baselines and the sides of the court are called the sidelines. The liens of the court should be painted or market in contrast to the color of the ground surface. The lines of the court should be visible from every point. 

The terrain or the playing surface of the beach tennis game should comprise of leveled sand. It should be made as flat or as uniform as possible. There should not be any small stones, rocks, or shells as these irregular objects can come in the way of smooth gameplay and can at times injure the players. 

Rules of the Game

The basic rules of the beach tennis games, as laid by the ITF are as follows,

  • The length and breadth of the court should be laid as instructed for the singles or the doubles match
  • The height of the net is fixed at 1.7 meters.
  • To play the game, non-stringed rackets are used. The dimensions of these rackets are about 55 x 30 cm.
  • Since the wind resistance can be high on the beach, stage two, low compression orange balls are used for this game.
  • The scoring system of this game has love, 15, 30, and 40 with no advantage as that of the normal tennis game. 
  • The receivers of the game can stand anywhere in the court, both inside or outside the lines of the receiver’s end.
  • Serves will alternate in every other game, between the two teams and every player gets to serve once every four balls in a complete set.
  • There is no scope for the second service. If the first one goes fault, the point is scored by the opposition player.
  • In the doubles match, the players have to serve underhand.
  • The serving player should stand behind the baseline while taking the serve. If any part of their body touches the baseline while serving, it is considered a fault, and the serving team will lose their points.
  • Points won’t be allotted if the ball hits the net and falls on the other side. 
  • The ball should not hit the sand, and the opposite team gets the point if it does so.
  • The player, their body, and equipment should not touch the net. It should not cross the plane of the net as well. If it does, then the point is lost.
  • In a doubles game, only one hit is allowed to toss the ball over the net and the player should not pass the ball to their partner.

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Scoring System

The scoring is the same as that of the normal tennis game. Matches are generally played as best of three sets. Each set has to be won by a player who ends up winning six games at a difference of two. In the event of a tie, a tie-breaker game is played with the first team or the player to reach 7 points at a difference of two. Unlike the tennis game, there is no concept of advantage and the team that wins the point after Deuse, end up the winners of the game. 

Let’s are instances, where the point is replayed under certain circumstances. Those events are,

  • The ball has got damaged during the rally 
  • when the player at the receiving side was not ready when the ball was served and
  • If the court lines are unattached or broken when the game is going on. 

Final Words

To learn more about the rules governing the beach tennis game, you can refer to the regulations laid by ITF, the governing body of beach tennis game, all over the world. But in all games, the decision of the match referees is final and the players are expected to abide by the instructions and decisions offered by these officials.


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