Top 10 Badminton Tips for Beginners


Badminton is a fun sport with interesting rules and also serves as a great form of exercise. Badminton players need to acquire certain skills such as excellent footwork, presence of mind, extreme sense of strategy, and a very strong gaming technique. For beginners and for those who know the game before, here are some excellent ways to maximize the game technique and minimize the chances of losing a rally in the court.

Badminton Tips for Beginners
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Badminton Tips and Tricks for Beginners

1. Hitting the birdie:

Beginners, while mastering their game stroke should try to hit the ball at the middle of the shuttlecock. They should practice hitting the round rubber center or on the sweet spot of the shuttle every time. This technique can be practiced by concentrating on the center of the shuttle during overhead shots.

Also, to benefit from the height and speed of the shuttle, it is important to hit the ball at the top of its arc. This will help the players to gain more control over the position of the shuttle. Players should not wait for the shuttle to come close to them, or it will lose height and momentum.

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2. Practice the footwork:

The success of the badminton game lies in its footwork. If the players stay flat-footed on the court, then they will not be able to return their short effectively. Players should stay on their toes at all times, move their feet up and down and be always ready to return a shot. They can also move their feet back and forth and from side to side to return their shot. Instead of staying still and reaching out the hand too wide to return the shuttle, players can make tiny movements with their feet and be ready for a shot at all times.

3. Practice the short and long serves:

Both in the singles and the doubles game, it is the service that catches the opponent off guard. It is important to practice both the short and long serves on time. For the short serve, they should hit the shuttle very lightly, or it will fall on the side of the court. To hit the long service, they should allow the shuttle to fall in the front, as they swing the racket further back at the shoulder level, to gain greater momentum, before swinging it forward to hit the shuttle.

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4. Understanding the game of the opponent:

While playing against the opponent, either during a tournament or during a family game, it is important to assess the strength and weaknesses of the opponent. Watch if the opponent is a defensive or an aggressive player. Assess if the player’s backhand or forehand is his dominant shot and also take note of his weaknesses, such as weak shot returns or slow footwork, to maximize your chances of exploiting the opponent. 

5. Shooting the shot:

The best way to take a competitive edge over the opponent is to shoot towards the backhand of the opponent. As many players are weak on the backhand, shooting the ball there will help with fewer return shots. Also, do not try hitting all the shots at the same location of the court and help the opponent predict your future moves. Mix things and hit a drop shot followed by a shot to the baseline. Make the opponent move from the right to the left side of the court and from the front to the back of the court.

6. Choosing the best badminton grip:

While choosing the racket, the grip is very crucial. Small grips are best for small hands and large grips are great for large hands. While holding the racket, the player should not grasp the racket very tightly but have a very relaxed grip. Players should also feature a flexible wrist to play both the forehand and backhand shots perfectly.

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7. Choosing the right accessory for the game:

Beginner badminton players should not buy the cheapest or the most expensive racket for the game. They should talk either to a specialist or a coach to leverage on the best-fit badminton racket. Also, when it comes to shoes, the game should not be played with running shoes. They should play only with badminton shoes, as the shoes are designed to withstand the various abuse of the play and also renders the best support and maneuverability of the game than mere shock absorption.

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8. Mastering the net shots:

Mastering the net shots will make the shuttle spin and fall in an unpredictable direction. To slice the net short, the player should start with the forward motion and then move the racket inward to slice it perpendicular to the birdie. This technique will spin the birdie across the court, while the opponent will expect it to move forward. Beginners should also learn to perform drop shots, as it makes the birdie to lose momentum and fall near the opponent’s net.

9. Practicing the smashes:

Smashes are hard to play though they are fun to watch. During smashes, the player aggregates all his strength at the top of the arc. While smashing, players should aim to send it as far away from the opponent as possible, or right at the body of the opponent, to help him lose his points. The best way for a tough smash is to jump while smashing the shuttle.

10. Be prepared and plan always:

The ultimate aim of a beginner badminton player is to send the shuttle off the net. But the game of badminton is similar to the game of chess. The player should position the shot wisely and plan. They should carry the next move in their head always, to stay a step ahead of the opponent. 

Final Words

These top 10 badminton techniques for beginners will help them improve their overall game. Beginners have to concentrate on their basics, as it covers almost everything from stance and footwork, to serve and smash shots. Mastering these techniques will enable the player to be a fearsome opponent. Overall, practicing the game over and over again is the key for beginners to master the game.


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