5 Best Badminton Shoes for Flat Feet (UPDATED 2021)


Flat foot is a condition where the person will have little or no arch in their feet. Even the ankles will look like they have collapsed inwards for these people. The condition is generally genetic and can also be created by using footwear with no arch support. The arch on the foot helps in distributing the body weight across the legs and the feet and thus needs to be flexible and sturdy. It also helps to adapt to stress and allows the player to walk on different surfaces. It is thus important that these individuals choose their shoes perfectly to help play the game without any hurdle. We have listed the best badminton shoes for players with flat feet here along with a buying guide. Hope it helps in picking up the right shoe to enjoy the game forever.

List of Best Badminton Shoes for Flat Foot

Top 5 Badminton Shoes for Flat FeetEditor RatingPrice
#1. Brooks Men’s Beast 20 Badminton Shoes9.6/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#2. New Balance Men’s Fresh foam 860v11 Shoes9.7/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#3. Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Shoes9.1/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#4. New Balance Women’s FuelCell 996 V4 Shoes9.3/10VIEW ON AMAZON
#5. ASICS Women’s Gel Kayano 27 Shoes9.4/10VIEW ON AMAZON

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Top 5 Best Badminton Shoes for Flat Feet

#1. Brooks Men’s Beast 20 Badminton Shoes

This is an excellent shoe for badminton players with a flat foot. This shoe is also perfect for players who wish to have expert support, comfort, and cushioning in their shoes. Also, this is a perfect shoe for those players who wish to have additional space at their forefoot to help with ample toe room. Its super soft DNA loft cushioning renders a soft and luxurious feel under the foot without losing durability and responsiveness. 

Badminton players simply love these shoes as it renders them the utmost comfort right from the front to the end of the shoes. Though they are spacious, they also render a secure fit, thanks to the mesh uppers and the embroidered saddle of these expert badminton shoes. Its embroidered saddle and eye-stay features create a modern look and strategic structure for these shoes.

One main reason why this stays as the most preferred shoes for badminton players is that its construction focuses on the injury-prone area of the body, namely the knees. These shoes offer tremendous support at the knees and thus serves as the best shoe for badminton players with flat feet. Its guide rails support keeps the player moving comfortably in the ground and also keeps the excess movement of the feet under check. The progressive diagonal rollbar brings the body back to the natural motion scheme. Its segmented crash pad features special paddings that are located between the midsole and the outsole and offers soft heel transitions to improve flexibility.


  • Offers tremendous stability with a soft and cushioning feel for the foot.
  • Features seamless upper portions and shock absorbing mid-sole.
  • Made from environmentally friendly and bio-degradable materials
  • Adapts to dynamic leg movements.


  • Lacks the stability and support from the previous models of Brook’s best brand.

#2. New Balance Men’s Fresh foam 860v11 Shoes

These Badminton shoes from New Balance features a synthetic and mesh foam sole and serves as the best stability shoe with a cushioning upgrade. The New Balance Foam running shoes is very light on the foot and comes with serious softness at every single step. The shoe also renders tremendous security and Achilles comfort for the badminton players. Its Ultra heel features are one of the best comfort addition to any sports shoe. While playing the game with these shoes, players can keep their strides lined up with medial post support and play the game with utmost comfort all day long.

This is indeed a very reliable sports shoe that is great for the badminton game. The shoe is extremely durable and comfortable and helps players to enjoy long hours of the game at complete ease. The soft foam of these shoes enhances the comfort of the shoe, much better than the previous iterations of the Foam 860 v11. The shoes also render the best comfort and stability for players from overpronation. It’s soft underfoot cushioning renders a smooth ride at every step of the badminton game. 

The stability features of the shoe help reduce the excess movement of the foot and it also helps to keep the body in perfect alignment. Its fresh foam cushioning available throughout the midsole of the shoe helps in a soft underfoot experience for the players from heel to toe. The fresh foam layer of the shoes offers plush cushioning for players who wish to experience a soft underfoot feel. The medial post comprises a higher density foam at the midfoot that helps to correct over-pronation.


  • The blown rubber layer at the outsole offers a durable grip and superior rebound.
  • The ultra-heel layer reduces Achilles’ irritation and thus helps the comfort of the players.
  • Its engineered mesh renders a comfortable and secured fit with flexible support.


  • The rubber sole of the shoe is slightly stiff.

#3. Adidas Barricade Classic Wide 4E Shoes

For players who wish to cover the court at ease, this is an excellent badminton shoe. These shoes are great in rendering expert cushioning and an abrasion-resistant adituff layer. They have featured a durable outsole and a secure grip while playing the game. The shoes also render a wide fit for the players and help in comfortable badminton games all day long. The Adidas Barricade is made from 100% synthetic material and it also features a rubber sole. The shaft of these shoes measures the low top from its arch approximately. 

The best feature of these shoes is its wide fit. Its barricade mesh uppers along with synthetic overlays help in rendering tremendous comfort, stability, and breathability for the badminton players. The shoe features an all-court outsole which helps in rendering tremendous support, cushioning, and high-wear durability for the players. Its abrasion-resistant adituff layer wraps around the toe and the medial forefoot to helps the players protect against the natural foot drag, which is common during lateral movements, serves, and volleys in the badminton game.

The shoe also features an adiprene layer at the forefoot that helps in maintaining tremendous efficiency and propulsion for the players. Also, the 3D torsion of the shoes helps with adaptive midfoot support for the badminton players. Also, the adiprene layer under the heel offers excellent cushioning upon impact.


  • Great looking shoes with tremendous support for the foot.
  • These badminton shoes are true to size, extremely durable, and render great support for the foot.


  • The shoes run very narrowly at the toe box.

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#4. New Balance Women’s FuelCell 996 V4 Shoes

These shoes are made from 100% synthetic material and feature a rubber sole to support the badminton game. Its fuel cell foam layer renders a propulsive feel for the players and helps them to drive forward in the game. And its full-length Ndurance outsole helps with superior traction and durability to experience maximum wear out of the shoe.

One best feature of the shoe is that it features hypoknit uppers that are designed to render tremendous support at strategic areas of stretch. And the NDure upper layer of the shoes is designed to offers extreme durability for the players. The FuelCell 996v4 badminton shoes from New Balance has been designed with a synthetic mesh and hyponit uppers to render a new and improved game feel. The full-length fuel-cell midsole renders the best energy return and propulsion for badminton players. Under the foot, the shoe features a full-length NDurance non-marking outsole., that helps in a good ground feel and complete dominance over the badminton court.


  • This is an excellent shoe to add value to badminton, tennis, and almost all court games.
  • This is an excellent hard court shoe that features a wider toe box and cushioning for the players.
  • The shoes are great to break in too and its additional width feels roomy around the foot.


  • The shoes can be too big for those players with a small foot.
  • The back material and the front material inside the shoe are not sewn together.

#5. ASICS Women’s Gel Kayano 27 Shoes

The Gel Kayano Running shoes are preferred by badminton players all over the world, as the shoe supports the extreme running movements that the badminton game involves. The shoe features a rubber sole and a forefoot and rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system. These features also play a major role in shock attenuation during impact and toe-off phases. These shoes also allow movement in multiple planes, as the foot transitions all through the gait cycle. 

The flyte foam midsole technology of these badminton shoes render exceptional bounce back and responsiveness, irrespective of the duration of the game. As the shoe is built from organic super fibers, it also helps to reduce packing out, a phenomenon that is common in shoes with low-density foams. The flyte foam propel technology and the energetic foam formulation from the ASICS brand helps in supreme bounce to these shoes. Its dynamic DuoMax support system enhances the support and stability of the shoes while reducing the weight and increasing the platform support considerably.

The Space Trusstic technology of the shoes decreases the weight of its sole unit while rendering the stability of the shoes and maintaining its structural integrity. There is also a large section of reflective material at the rearfoot of the shoes, while keeps the players visible while playing the game after sunset.


  • The gel technology of the shoes absorbs and disperses shock throughout
  • The jacquard mesh uppers help to reduce shoe weight and enhance its breathability
  • The DuoMax system enhances support and stability while reducing weight.


  • The shoe runs large for players with small feet.
  • The shoes are quite narrow at the toe box.

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How to Choose the Best Badminton Shoes for Players with Flat Feet?

Badminton players with flat feet tend to overpronate. The arches of their foot roll inwards after landing. They must use stability shoes to control their motion. Also, they should use shoes with arch support to create supination in the foot. Players with a flat foot should consider shoes with additional structures, that can stop their foot from moving. They should seek out shoes that feature a straight last, which dictates the shape of the shoe. A shoe with straight-lasting features a wide mid-foot base and minimal cut in, which imitates hour-glass shaped shoes. 

According to food and ankle doctors, players, sportsmen, and athletes in general, with flat foot should look for the utmost comfort while looking for a badminton shoe for flat feet. Those players who have flat feet that are stiff and rigid should look for shoes that are soft and render them adequate cushioning effect, while the foot strikes the ground. Those who have flexible flat feet should look for badminton shoes with great arch support. They should also look for shoes that prevent pronation, and avoid shoes with a narrow toe box and a floppy heel. A good pair of badminton shoes should have the following features and characteristics.

  • It should have the best grip and traction to render the best grip on the court’s surface.
  • It should render optimal cushioning on the feet to help move in different directions quickly.
  • Lightweight shoes enhance the skill and agility of the player and thus choose shoes that are within the weight range of 250 to 400 grams.
  • The shoes should have heel cups with a longer life span for rendering support.
  • As badminton is a rigorous activity, the feet tend to sweat a lot and thus players should choose a shoe with ample breathability.
  • Players should also look for flexibility options in the shoe.
  • The shoe should allow flexible ankle movement to help the player move quickly.

Final Words

Badminton players with flat feet should ensure that they use the right type of footwear to play the game with the utmost comfort and confidence. The shoes should be breathable and have a longer life span compared with other shoes.



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