Babolat Boost Strike Review – Ideal Tennis Racket?


The thrill of playing tennis peaks only when the player gets hold of the right racket in his hand. For a beginner, it might get challenging to pick the appropriate racket enabled with the features that suit their skill level. This review is aimed at highlighting all the basic and essential features of one of the best-selling tennis rackets in the market. Here’s a comprehensive review of the Babolat Boost Strike racket.

A well-rated sports brand that manufactures one of the best tennis rackets in the industry, Babolat has been praised by both beginners as well as intermediate level players.

Babolat Boost Strike Tennis Racket Review

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  • Babolat Boost Strike is an amazing tennis racket that can be used by both beginners and intermediate players. 
  • The relatively lightweight of the racket contributes to its high manoeuvrability making the ground strikes come through easily.
  • Boost Strike offers a powerful performance on the court. 
  • Sturdy frame and cutting-edge string bed allows more power into the player’s hands 
  • The racket bears a trendy look 
  • It is firm and durable 
  • Offers highly accurate shots 
  • Available in 5 sizes; offers universal play
  • Offers value for money


  • It may not be the perfect racket for advanced players as Boost Strike isn’t the right one to hit topspins. 
  • As compared to a few competitor brands, the power delivered by the Babolat Boost Strike racket is slightly low.

What Makes the Babolat Boost Strike Tennis Racket Stand Out?

If you wish to learn how to hit those aggressive shots and powerful serves, the Babolat Boost Strike racket is the ideal equipment that can help you smoothly win matches. While this racket is known for a plethora of features, the most striking is that it perfectly blends its forgiveness with power. Players can conveniently make their shots impactful with this boost-strike tennis racket.

The large head is great for novice players. It measures 102 square inches. Babolat Boost Strike is 27 inches long. Another unique feature that adds on to its strength is the racket’s availability in different sizes. There are 5 sizes currently available. You can pick the one that suits your age, height and skill level. These measure 4 0/8, 4 3/8, 4 1/8, 4 ¼ and 4 ½. 

Sturdy frame construction is a natural booster and the Babolat Boost is composed of graphite that gives this tennis racket a lightweight yet robust feel. The strings ensure the durability of the racket with its exclusive ‘spiraltex’ 16 string threaded at a tension of 53 lbs. With a string pattern that maintains 16 mains and 19 crosses, the Babolat Boost Strike is free of shared holes.

Offering value for money, the durable tennis racket from Babolat has been constructed keeping new players in mind you want to explore and hone their skills at this classic sport. 

Other Features of the Babolat Boost Strike Tennis Racket

From power, precision to that impeccable spin, Babolat Boost offers it all. Weighing a little over 10 ounces (10.4 to be precise), this racket can deliver effective punches. The lightweight of the racket allows players to easily reach their opponent’s baseline comfortably. With its balance towards the handle, you can be sure of better control and power over this tennis racket. Reaching to the racket and smashing the ball is effortless; thanks to the weight distribution of the racket.

The strings on the racket are enmeshed in a 16X19 pattern. This lends the racket and the much-required acceleration. Blend with power and spin, it allows players to make the most of crispy shots. The racket assures that high accuracy as you can return the tennis ball with more precision with it. 

The string bed of Babolat is designed with Woofer’s grommet technology. This makes the racket exceptionally powerful. The beam plays a vital role in a racket and this one flaunts a supreme frame. The construction of the beam ensures a better flow of air through the racket which helps you to increase the swing speed and add more power to the serves. 

The Babolat Boost Strike racket is an improved model of the Babolat Strike. One of the major differences you’ll notice here is the reduced weight. No doubt this has attributed to the racket’s increased power and spin. While the previous model was criticized for its stiffness and lack of spin while the Boost Strike offers better control over shots.

Moreover, the racket string bed and construct makes sure that the decreased stiffness allows players to hit their powerful shots without having to worry about straining their arms and elbows. The racket frame is slightly stiff but with the cushioning strings, you won’t feel the stiffness. 

As soon as you take the second pick, you know that this racket is just the right one to go ahead with the attack. No doubt, aggressive players swear by it. If you like to hit those baseline shots, playing with Boost Strike is going to be a fulfilling experience.

With Boost Strike in your hands, you’ll notice that your attack-oriented play is well-sorted; especially if you like rushing to the net or hit those shots close to the baseline. The strength that the racket enables into the player’s hands is too good to miss out on. When you are close to the net, the Boost Strike makes those volleys look like a cakewalk. And with the well-balanced weight, Babolat Boost Strike ensures that even after playing for a couple of hours in the court, you can continue without any discomfort. 

Concluding Thoughts

The Babolat Boost Strike racket is the best option for players who are beginning to explore their skills at tennis. The large racket head and the weight extended to the hand, you not only have more control over your strikes but also have a better power to play the most impactful shots. Providing optimized power and spin, this racket is a favourite among new and intermediate players; thanks to the construction of the racket’s frame.



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