About Us

Are paddle sports more of a sport, or more of a hobby?

Honestly, I’d call it an addiction. What makes this category of games so addicting?

There are so many answers. Meeting new people from different ages and backgrounds, exercising, the satisfaction of a perfectly placed shot, seeing your improvement?

All these aspects are the reason that we created ThePickleSports. We want to share our addiction to these games with like-minded people.

We wanted to take it to the next level and improve our understanding as well as sharing it on the internet for new or advanced players to read.

Come along for the ride!

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Our goal with thepicklesports was to build more than a website with reviews and strategy, we wanted to build community.

Meet The Team

We are the founding fathers and mothers of ThePickleSports. Our team is built on having fun and educating others who love this game. We range from beginner to advanced players Paddle Sports so that you as the reader can get a full range of advice, opinions, and reviews.

Kathy Matthews (Editor)

Don’t let her obsession for Pink and that radiating smile fool you! Kathy has a wicked backhand and will run you up and down a pickleball court.

She Has been playing local pickup games in Palm Beach Florida for the last 3 years. She is a 3.5 but she is improving fast!

Kathy gives reports on reviews and style for women and men and loves to helo people make the best decision possible.

Tyler Williams (Editor)

Tyler claims to be born with a racket in his hand. He played club tennis, squash, and in the last 2 years was able to transition over to Pickleball where he is already competing and ranking at a 5.0. He is a wizard with equipment and knows the ins and outs of every paddle he holds.

He says Tennis is his first love, but pickleball is slowly making a climb.

Tyler teaches on the side snd he is the expert in the field. He gives the game time and strategy advice that he picked up as a college athlete.

Jay Kelly (Owner/Editor)

Jay Kell, owner of ThePickleSports

Jay claims to be a jack of all trades but master of none. He’s played it all, but Pickleball is his latest love. He brings humor and flair to The Pickle Sports and loves adding his voice and funny, yet educating opinion to pieces.

We are The Pickle Sports and we are determined to bring you the best on all things pickle and paddle!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us and don’t be afraid to comment and join the community!

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