About Us

ThePickleSports is a blog/website created by Temba Bavuma, who is an experienced pickleball coach & currently working with many health awareness NGO’s.

Temba Bavuma – Founder of ThePickleSports Website

At first, ThePickleSports started as a blog dedicated to Pickleball sport with a different domain (ThePickleballPaddle.com) as Temba wanted to share his coaching experience by helping players choose the right pickleball equipment and learn the game without any hassle.

Rebranded As ThePickleSports

Over the years, Temba found many good sports experts who were willing to write and help players, so Temba decided to make it a multi-sport blog and within months it became a big sports blog where players looking for tips on choosing the right equipment related to sports like Pickleball, Ping Pong, Squash, Racquetball, Badminton, Softball, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Beach Tennis, Padel, Wiffle Ball, Pool, Volleyball, Lawn Tennis, etc., could easily get it.

So, considering the fact it’s a multi-sport blog and of course by seeing the overall growth of the blog, Temba decided to rebrand completely and change the domain from ThePickleballPaddle.com to ThePicklesports.com so that experts can share their wide range of knowledge to help more sports players.

Team Behind ThePickleSports

Now, ThePickleSports has a big team dedicated to one goal only, that’s writing honest reviews and helping players choose the right sports equipment as well as improve their game by writing occasional beginner guides.

Temba Bavuma

Former player, experienced writer, and the head of the expert team at ThePickleSports.

Beth Hein

She is a sports blogger with experience of 5+ years having knowledge of various sports.

Melinda May

She is a former sports journalist with an experience of working with big magazines.

There are many more individuals working as a team in the back-end to test products and interview people to help these experts write the best guides for readers.

We try to be as transparent as possible but if you still think that we lack somewhere or you find some information missing on our blog, you can contact us via the contact page.


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